Saturday, February 13, 2010

Saturday Night

I'm starting to find my way around adding clip art things to my blog. I thought this was so cute!
Tonight Lynn and I went to dinner at a really nice Italian cafe in Bellingham. Had a great dinner, then went over to a fairly new "hot spot" in town called Scotty Browns for a drink. On the big screens there was the Olympics. It was women on the moguls and brought back floods of memories of my skiing days. I took skiing lessons in high school and then ended up creating a ski club and organizing night skiing trips mid week and even an overnight ski event to Crystal Mountain. These were the days that we were required to wear dresses to school unless it was snowy. And I even got called into the vice principal's office so he could tell me I was a bit too "provactive" in my ski pants....oh man......
I took lessons at Snoqualmie but we did our extra trips to Alpental which was beautiful but a bit more advanced. I learned about moguls there, which is what this ski event at the Olympics was about. We used to go on Sundays too, and if I didn't have enough money for a lift ticket, we would just go early and I would volunteer to attach ski lift tickets to peoples jackets and for doing this for an hour you would get a free half day lift ticket. As much as I loved the skiing, once I had to come in to eat, drink, or use the bathroom, I was done. Once I would undo my boots and jacket, I really didn't want to go out again! So half day tickets were perfect for me. Lynn was never interested in cold weather sports so once we became seriously involved my ski days were over. Of my 3 boys only Todd, my youngest, had any interest in the mountains. He was quite a snowboarder for a long time.
I guess this is the "looking back" part of my blog.....

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