Tuesday, February 9, 2010

February 9th

Pinwheels and four patches that were left over from other projects is what this quilt originated from. I had seen a photo in a magazine and actually brought it to a retreat along with the stack of blocks. When the quilt was done, so many of my fellow retreaters couldn't believe it was the same quilt as was in the magazine. They liked my version much better, which really made me smile! It was fun to be bold with what is normally setting squares.

This is the cute little shop that Ethan and I walked to yesterday. The woman who owns the shop lives here with her family. It was actually her grandmothers home and was left to her in the estate. She does a lot of needlework and some quilting, has actually increased her fabric selections over the last few years. When I first moved here she had a lot of rustic wood kinds of things, but has become more hand work, which is lovely. I'm finding I really enjoy my embroidery time even more than cutting and sewing lately. I'll bet many of you can identify with that. Sometimes you want to knit, or stitch, or sew or nap!!
Ethan and I took a bit of a detour on our walk back home and visited the pygmy goats who live down the street. I was trying to get a photo of one standing in the background and this guy hopped up just as I took the picture, so HELLO!
We have glorious sunshine again today, and Jeff called in sick to work, so I have no kids today. Going to take advantage and walk to my physical therapy appointment. Then come back and finish up with some pruning and weeding I started yesterday. And yes, we did get a freeze last night! I knew we would when I went out to put something in the car and saw all the stars! Sad for the folks preparing for the Olympics this week, and I truly feel for those in the east battling record snowfall right now.


Piecefulafternoon said...

Looks like a fun day - and a very pretty quilt. I love the stitcheries in that shop - I really need to get up there more often.

Dena said...

I'm not familiar with this shop, guess I'll have to take a road trip up north!

Your quilt is great. Sounds like you had a very pleasant day in the sunshine. We have two goats and they are very social. They alway talk to us whenever we're outside.