Saturday, December 12, 2009

Two Weeks to Christmas

Life has been occupied with other things lately. My small quilting group Christmas party was two days ago, and any and all energy I had went to working on two projects that needed to be done for that. One was my secret sister project.
This was a bonus project actually. The "wonky trees" are a pattern from a project I did years ago. The trees were pretty big, so I reduced the pattern and made a few small ones. These are 6 " x 8 1/2". I had made 4 of them long ago and they were up on my design wall since then. At the top, where there weren't in the way. I could just enjoy them and they would remind me once in a while that they would like to be in a project! While thinking and searching for a pattern for my secret sister, I looked up and there they were! Thankfully I had the other trees all cut out and organized, saved rolled up in a paper towel and I even knew where they were - LOL! The layout also happened rather "organically"....Our projects were to be under 40" x 40". So I did a free form stack and slash star to finish it off. Came out really cute, I think! Of course I want one for myself now...
The best part of the holiday season has been watching Jillian and Ethan have such fun. At 8 and 5, they are the perfect ages. For the last three years I have gotten them a small live tree for the family room, and they get to decorate it. This year it was just precious. They had such fun. My favorite moment was when Ethan picked up a bell and said "hey look! a bell! but it has lost it's ring a ding ding"......

We have an advent box that is wooden and has a door for each day. Their eyes are bright and merry as they run in the front door and race to the advent box to see what Santa's elf may have left them. Often it is a piece of chocolate or taffy, but sometimes there is a note from the elf directing them to somewhere else in the house. One day they found two adorable stuffed puppies in the dryer. Always important for the elf to remember to get something in the box!!

Next weekend is our family gathering at my brothers house. Krista has Friday off also, so we will be baking and candy making on that day. I have done NO Christmas shopping yet, and for some reason I am not at all panicked about it - LOL! My siblings and I do a stocking stuffer exchange and I have been collecting small things for that all year. Jillian, Ethan and Carter are certainly easy to shop for. Kyle, Genie, Jeff, Krista, Todd have been advised that they are getting their annual Christmas box, and that is it. This is an oversized plastic crate that I fill with "stuff". From razor blades (at $30 a package - YIKES!) to TP to jam to motrin....It's pretty fun to do, and they appreciate and use everything in there. They might find a gift card if they are good boys and girls.

Now to head outside and do my last bit of outside lighting. Then hopefully we can get the big tree wrestled into the stand and I can have Jillian and Ethan help me decorate it this evening when they come over for a couple of hours.

Hope you are all well, and warm.