Sunday, February 7, 2010

February 7th

Today I celebrate my 100th entry into my blog since I started it a few years ago! Now that I'm entering something daily, I know that number will climb quickly.
This quilt lives in my truck. I think every vehicle needs it's own quilt, don't you? Not my normal color collection, but this was a bundle of fat quarters I had had a retreat and thought it was time to do something with them, so I just started making pinwheels and put them together as you see. The piano key border is a favorite of mine, you can tell!!
I'm just about done with the first block for the bluework project I am doing for Janice's row. In fact it will be done tonight, and then I need to get tracing for the next one. I've tried the light box system and it just isn't bright enough for me. I often used the "tape it up on the window" system for tracing, but that isn't great either. So I have decided on and been happy with the tracing with carbon paper method for my needlework projects. As long as you get smudgeproof carbon paper and make sure you don't rest your hand on it when tracing, it works just great.
Our weather seems to be turning a bit more, rainy. As I walked around the yard today I loved seeing this lupin coming up and looking like it had been kissed by the rain.
My lupines do come up every year, with more each year, but as soon as they bloom it seems like the aphids just FEAST on them! Hopefully this year I can keep them under control a bit better. I need to divide a couple of day lily clumps. I also enjoyed perusing a plant catalog that came in the mail this week. I'm always so tempted, but have yet to ever order anything.
Off to finish up my hand project, after I return the quilt to the truck!


Piecefulafternoon said...

Love the quilt - I agree - every vehicle needs a quilt.

Have you tried the transfer pencil for doing embroidery? It is a pink/red pencil that you trace the pattern with, on paper, then you iron it on your fabric just like you would do a commercial iron-on transfer. If you keep the pencil very sharp you get a fine line and can't see it when you have finished embroidering. It washes out after a few washings if you are intersting in getting rid of any that shows. Just remember, trace the pattern backwards from how you want it to turn out. I've used the pencils for years (maybe you've tried it and don't like it) but if you haven't tried it - you can buy them at quilt shops and JoAnn Fabrics.

Cindy said...

Congrats on your 100th entry! :)

Those are my colors I am currently in love with. Cute quilt. I never thought of leaving a quilt in the car. Will have to contemplate that and which one I'd use.