Sunday, May 1, 2011

Things I Learned This Week

1. Grandkids are the best invention EVER. (post to follow with more Easter photos)
2. The GPS system on my phone is wonderful. If I could just figure out how to turn her volume down.
3. There is no "Love Pantry" or any other such store in Bellevue.
4. The Love Zone in Greenwood will let you try on their lingerie in their fitting rooms, and have all manner of "items" that make you raise your eyebrows or even blush a bit, but they will not let you use their restroom.
5. Sushi on the conveyor belt is wonderful. (another post to follow with great photos)
6. Whole Foods is a glorious store.
7. Being married for 37 years is a pretty good gig.
8. I love Royal Weddings. Yes, even the hats!
9. Donald Trump is an embarrassment and a buffoon. Doesn't he have anyone in his family or close friends who can be honest with him?
10. The Sun Will Come Out Again Eventually.