Monday, February 1, 2010

February 1st

Are you dizzy yet??? This was a great project. Sixteen patches set with pinwheels. I love how it looks like it's on point. Bonnie has this basic pattern on her site. I finished it up with more scraps, scraps, and then added a few more scraps. I believe this overall look came from a magazine, but I can't remember which, sorry. Basically, do what you want! I usually do anyway. It's laying on the top of a king sized bed, so it is pretty darned big.
I'm so glad I have only one more block to make for a an exchange from last year, and I will be officially caught up with that great online swap group. And I've started the blue work embroidery project for my friend Janice's row. This is what I do at night while watching TV. Tonight it will be the Bachelor. This season has been pretty dull IMHO! I did watch an old Hitchcock movie night before last, Marnie. Was with Tippi Hedren and Sean Connery. I think Tippi was required to use the same hairdo in the movies she was in. And her face never changes expression, even when she was in the Birds. Did they have Botox back then??
And I'm happy to report I have finished my recent redwork project.

I had actually done this once before, but I used pearl cotton and did not like the finished look at all. So I redid it in DMC two strands. I think this will be a cute wall hanging, gift for my sister Nancy. She is having her first colonoscopy today, for symptoms that have me a bit concerned. I'm waiting now for her to call me and see if anything was discovered. Let's hope they find nothing worrisome.
This was also the day Ethan opened a cupboard and rediscovered the tracks and cars! Oh my, looking at that plant....I don't think it is going to make it. Guess I'll be looking for a new one. I even repotted that one last month!
I have two physical therapy appointments this week for my shoulder. I certainly hope there is going to be some improvement there soon. If I move the wrong way it just kills me.
Off to mail out some packages and pick Jillian up at school. did that happen so fast?????


Jamie in Louisiana said...

Hi Sharon -- you promised to show your 16-patch and it is beautiful. I finished all of my blocks and still test driving different borders.

Linda said...

I absolutely love your 16 patch and pinwheels. Wow, I am so impressed. I have so many quilts to do now and UFOs to finish but after looking at this one. I'm going to have to do one...hopefully this year but I don't know if I can stop myself..It's wonderful, thanks for showing it!