Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February 2nd

OH OH!!! I took my memory stick into Costco today, to get some photos printed.....and now I can't find it. I called the store and they even walked out in the parking lot by where I had parked and did not see it. She is kindly going to check with the main office and see if anyone found it on the floor somewhere and happened to turn it in.......I do have a quilt RIGHT HERE waiting for it's photo.....shoot!
Then again.....maybe I subconsciously dropped the memory stick so I would have a valid excuse for going ahead and buying a new camera? When I was looking at them a few weeks ago at Costco, I asked an employee if they could turn one on that is on the display rack so I could see it and he said no...they don't have the right something or other to do that anymore, but that I can buy any camera and use it for 30 days to decide if I want to keep it or not.....hmmm......so I asked him if I could buy a new camera every couple of weeks and just keep returning it and getting a different one until I found the one I wanted and he said "yeah, basically"......okay.....
So please don't give up on me....I will catch up as soon as either my memory stick is located or I get a new camera, one of which will happen by the weekend.

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