Friday, February 5, 2010

February 4th

A little bit late, but here is the photo I took yesterday. This is another one of my fractured, blended, mended projects with flowers and then added that pretty butterfly in the center. A nice springy addition to my dining room. Our weather had been amazing though I heard today that we are expected to be below freezing for about a week coming up this month. Guess I'll keep those pruners put away for a bit yet. Though it sure looks tempting out there....
Last night I traveled down to Federal Way for Kyle's final basketball game of the season. They honored the seniors on their team and it was so impressive to hear how focused and smart this kids are. Several of them have scholastic scholarships to big schools next year. Though they lost the game they all played so hard, it was a privilege to watch them play and I was so proud to watch Kyle in his first head coaching season.
It was sad though that Genie wasn't able to bring Carter to the game. He was just not having a very good day and would have been too much to handle. Next year will surely be a challenge for her when she will have a 6 month old to carry along too!!
My drive back and forth was made much easier by the book I'm currently listening to . The Help. An amazing story about Jackson Mississippi in the 60's. I'm about half way through it, it's very long, and I highly recommend it!!

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