Saturday, February 20, 2010

February 20th - #50

Tricky photo! Our TV sits on this table topper. This was a block pattern I was attracted to from I took the pattern to a retreat and this one block took me hours!!! I don't remember why, I think I ended up doing a lot of ripping and resewing. And when I was done with the block, I was SICK of the block! So I was lucky to have a co-retreater willing to share that pretty bit of floral, and I turned the one block wonder into an octagonal table topper! Talk about turning a lemon into lemonade - LOL. I havent' cruised through that site for quite a while, maybe I should go and check it out today. I'll add it to my list, which already includes:
1. Make airline reservations, with my bonus miles, for our May trip to New York
2. Hotel reservations for the 3 nights we are going to spend in Cooperstown New York after the conference ends in New York City. (still hoping to get Letterman tickets!)
3. Start searching for rental car deals for that trip
4. Make a run to the dairy for milk and eggs
5. Figure out what's for dinner
6. Clean out the flower bed from the light post to the birch tree
7. Work on my GFG project
8. Cruise through some of my favorite blogs
9. Change sheets
10. Steam clean carpet in hallway
11. Read my book, due for book club on Tuesday
12. Take a nap

I wonder if I'll get all those things done today....


Cindy said...

Oh my're definitely gonna want to take that nap! Quite a list for a Saturday. :)

Piecefulafternoon said...

You are going to need that nap.

That's a great table topper - but can you see it when the TV is on top of it?

Have fun in NY and don't wear yourself out before then.

Linda B said...

Picked you up from Jo's blog. I'm Linda B from Nooksack. Nice to find a neighbor. Hope you had that nap!!

Sharon T in Lynden said...

Thanks ladies. No, I didn't get a nap. But I did get to go out to dinner, almost as good.