Sunday, August 18, 2013

Checking In

Do you ever feel just overwhelmed with "things to do?"

I think it is at the times that I have the most running around in my brain, that I go find a place to hide.

Places like Facebook, FarmTown, Pinterest, my DVR.

Yes, I'm slowly working on my website.  Yes, I'm sewing a lot more than in the last several months (along with help from Dutch).  Yes, I'm getting out more, meeting more people, making more friends.  And with each of these things, my mind starts to go crazy with new ideas!!  I sat down in my sewing room the other day and reached down into a laundry basket that has "stuff" in it, and pulled out a large ziploc bag that has 12 lovely log cabin blocks and parts for more all assembled.  I had not recollection of when or why I had created it.  After several hours, and pulling it out and staring at it at Jamie's house it started coming back to me.  I think I made these blocks while at a retreat at Lake Cavanaugh.  And I think I know where the original pattern/idea came from.  Now if I can find that, I'll get this project done.

Yes I am the Chaotic Quilter.  And I do produce more when up against a deadline.  But I also dance dangerously close to the line of overload.  How to manage.

Today, I closed up the farms....turned off the notices. Yes, I have done this before.  Maybe it will "take" this time!!   And I'm heading into the sewing room to make a list of things to be finished.  I really do believe that when I put it on paper it gets it out of my head.  And start a list of projects to START because that one is going crazy in there.

There are so many books to read, things to create, people to meet, pictures to take, sights to see, roads to discover, music to enjoy, stories to write, kids to cuddle. It all represents the promise of a tomorrow.  I need to be better at appreciating the gifts of today.