Thursday, September 8, 2011

First Day of School. 8/30/2011

First Day of School. 
Turn around you guys!!! 
The bus arrives, right on time

And off they go.....

I have been lucky to be able to be there on the first day of school each year, since Jillian started in kindergarten.  This is a big year because Ethan is now in school - 1st Grade - so he goes every day, for the full day.  Jillian is in the 4th Grade now.  
It seems like not very long ago when Krista pulled into the driveway that July afternoon, and 20 month old Jillian toddled up the driveway and said "Hi Geema!"  That was when Jeff, Krista and Jillian moved up to Lynden, from Tacoma where I could help them with childcare.  A year and a half later Ethan was born, right here in my home.  And after having one or both of them with me for several days a week, now they are off to school.  
What am I going to do........

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Freshening Up

This is one of my fall quilts.  Actually this is one that I have used to teach a beginning quilting class.  It was good because it taught the basics of measuring and cutting accurately and then making Nine Patch blocks and bi-color blocks.  Once people can master those, they have a good foundation, IMHO.
Anyway, freshening up!  You may notice my blog looks a bit different.  I'm not sure how I feel about the new way to work through the layout, but I'll learn more as I go. 
One of the new features that I can access has to do with traffic.  And I'm wondering who in the heck is viewing my blog from Germany and North Korea....isn't that weird?

The kids are now in school, so my life will be very different.  I actually signed up for a few shifts at work, and have been called off for the first two.  I'm planning to get back into a nice gym, workout routine, but because of my surgery next week, I won't be able to do any exercise for two weeks following that, so it will be a few weeks before that happens.

Fear not, there are many things for me to DO!  In fact, I'm heading into my sewing room now to finish up the quilt I'm working on for my small group's Christmas quilt.  I'll be back here soon, and finally do my Back to School post.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


 Here to the right is the result of my Darling Husband unloading the dishwasher and putting the plastic ware away.   I can hear you now, how lucky I am that he even unloads the dishwasher!
We have had a long standing arrangement, that I do the cooking and he does the clean up.  It works for us.  But I don't think men are ever taught the home ec class theory of nesting.
So the second photo is the same drawer with the same exact stuff in it, nested. 

I don't know why this is such a complicated task....