Saturday, February 6, 2010

Februay 6th

This project was another one I wrote as a mystery quilt project for my small group. I will try to snap some shots of some of theirs and show them at a later date. We did it about 6 years ago I think. Was pretty easy, and I love the final look of it. Adding that bit of red was a good touch, I think.
Lynn and I went into Costco today to order up his new glasses. He had an eye exam yesterday, this is since his diabetic crisis from 3 weeks ago. His vision has definitely taken a hit. He has worn reading glasses for a few years, so wearing glasses all the time will be different for him.

Doesn't he look scared to death?? LOL! I had to take his photo with a couple of different frames on so he could put his reading glasses on to look at the photos. It's so hard to pick out frames when you can't see.....
I guess Jillian and Ethan are coming over tomorrow to spend Superbowl Sunday with us. Jeff and Krista are going to a nearby casino and party with friends. I truly could not care any less about his game. We'll make cookies instead, and if it is nice I'll have Jeff bring their bikes over and they can ride around a bit.
I'm officially off of work until my shoulder is "fixed". After so much aching last night, today it is doing pretty good. Two more weeks of therapy and we'll see if I am going to need an MRI (they should somehow just call it $$$) to figure out the issue. Our insurance requires a $500 deductible for an $$$. And then pays 70% of the I'm hoping we don't need to do that. Especially if I'm not working! Being perdium is nice in lots of ways, but not nice is that there is no sick pay. No work, no money....

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Julie said...

I'm loving all your quilt photos and you are inspiring me to try that sometime when I get my energy back. Sorry about the shoulder and I totally hear you on those $$$ tests. We have a much higher deductible than you and labs 4 weeks in a row plus an ultra sound really ad up! I hear you on the no work, no pay thing too. I have managed to only take one day off.