Thursday, February 18, 2010

February 18th - #48

Wow, the colors sure didn't come out very good on this photo. It is really a beautiful purple with gold and metallic thread in both. This is a table runner that I made for Jackie, another lovely woman in my small group. This was her Christmas gift from 2008. This is a great pattern I've made several times. You can reverse the lights and darks and it looks just as pretty.
When I went over to the sew day my small group was having, and mentioned my blogging project of photos of my projects, Sharon said "do you want a photo of the bag you made for ME??!!! So I said sure!!

June is our official birthday month for the group so we celebrate everyone's birthday that day. Last year after drawing names we each made a bag, and I made this one for Sharon. It is actually from decorator fabric. She keeps knitting stuff in it. I see the handles are hanging down the other side! This year we are doing a pillow. Some will sew, some will embroider. It will be fun to see them all in June.
Last night I did spend my normal stitching time winding DMC floss onto my new bobbins! And Jo, I found doing them by hand much quicker, though my little pink winder is certainly cute!! I bought 3 counted cross stitch magazines yesterday at JoAnn's, plus a book. I'm going to take this new book and the other two I bought last Sunday up to my local print shop and see if they can cut the edge and put them on a spiral binding for me. I do this for my quilting books. Makes it much easier to lay them flat. The cross stitch books, have the pattern that creeps a bit further into the center of the page, so I'm not sure it will work. I hope it does, because then I can lay them flat on my printer to enlarge the patterns so I can see them better!!


Peg said...

The colors come out beautifully on close-up, even the gold thread. Gorgeous quilt.

Piecefulafternoon said...

I can't believe it is faster by hand to wind the floss bobbins - I had to put a piece of plastic in the slot for attaching the winder to the bobbin box to hold it still - and then it worked like a charm - way faster, and more fun that by hand. I did a few by hand and gave up. Have fun winding.