Tuesday, February 16, 2010

February 16th - #46

This is my 46th quilt photo to show you since I started this the first of the year. This stack and slash, quilt as you go project was the original in my "Fractured, Blended, Mended" series of quilts. It was done with an online group that wanted to do "something" after the horrible 9/11/01. Sentimental, and lovely.
I got quite a bit done yesterday given my limitations with my shoulder. It was exciting to put some herb starts into my garden, and put their plastic covers over them

You can see my chives and some onion chives are coming up from last year. I also started some flats of other herbs, starting from seed. And a couple of annuals. I built these square food boxes a couple of years ago. I told Lynn I would really like to bring the garden out to twice the size it is now. You are seeing one box and then the ones across the back, which is up against a granite wall. I do tomatoes back in those. There is another box to the left and right of this one. Thyme and mint are coming up in the left. We are also talking about creating a large planting island in the middle of our front yard. Cut down on mowing, watering. Will see if that actually happens.
I sure enjoyed the skating on the Olympics last night. Tonight the men start their rounds. And of course American Idol which I really don't enjoy much until next week. Today I'm catching up on Westminster dog show while I stitch away on my GFG.

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