Thursday, February 11, 2010

February 11th

My goodness this little quilt is well loved! This was the first time I made this pattern. I call it a Tumbling I Spy. I think it is about 8 years old, same as Jillian. In fact in the black border, I have stitched her name and birthdate, birth weight.
This is one of my very favorite patterns to use to have a quick baby quilt to gift.
Tonight is the season premiere of Survivor. The first time this show was on, I knew nothing about it. I refused to even listen when people would talk about it, thinking it sounded like the dumbest thing to ever be on TV!! The next season it was on was when I was taking care of my sister Carol after her surgery and stayed with her for a month. She MADE me watch the show that season, and I have been hooked ever since!! This is one of the few shows that Lynn and I watch together. I'll be finishing another bluework block tonight while watching and starting the final one for that project. I have a STACK of embroidery patterns to do I got a really cute pattern today from a friend for making baby hats, using that variegated sock yarn, so that will be a fun thing to do too! I even feel motivated to be sewing, while plowing through things in my studio, so YEAH!!!
If any of you are on the east coast, please stay warm and safe!!


Piecefulafternoon said...

I am beginning to get used to having my quilt fix every day on your blog - I'm really enjoying the quilts and their stories. I don't know anyone else that would have another quilt every day. Enjoy your handwork - I'm still winding my embroidery floss onto bobbins and scanning old photos - both never ending jobs. :-)

Dena said...

This looks like a fun quilt for a small child. Many years ago, I was in a bug print swap and I was going to assemble an I Spy quilt. Well, I still have the fabrics and still intend on making an I Spy quilt. Perhaps I can donate it to Project Linus or one of the other charities since my grandchildren all have tons of quilts I've made them.