Wednesday, April 4, 2012

While Watching The Biggest Loser

I've watched this show for about the last 7 or 8 seasons.  It's always been with a bit of amazement and jealousy.  Yes, these people work darn hard.  But they have no other distractions.  I believe them when they say how much they miss their families, but it allows them to concentrate on their own health and fitness.  Originally I thought they had someone doing their housework and cooking, but it turns out they have to do their own.  I wish they would show more of the out of the gym stuff.  A few times, they have shown the competitors in a training room with ice packs and a trainer tending them, but I think they should show more of that. 
Tonight I watched the week 14 episode.  There are 6 people left.  It was their makeover week.  I am really amazed when a girl who has lost 88 pounds and now weighs about 170 pounds and they said she is now wearing a size 6????  I just don't believe it!  When I was at 200 pounds several years ago, I was so thankful to able to wear a 16.  And I'm tall!  So it's hard to believe that another 30 pounds and I would drop to a 6?  I'm thinking maybe a 14. 
Anyway, I love watching these people melt away and then at the finale seeing how happy they are.  I do think whoever dresses them for that finale does a lousy job. 
I've even applied to be a contestant.  Just first level stuff, never heard anything back.  And I'm not really sure I would do it.  It is just so extreme.  When you see the people from seasons past they have always gained weight back.  To push your body to such limits over a concentrated period of time, how can anyone be expected to maintain that? 
They had a cooking challenge last week, and three former people were the judges.  The participants had to shop, create the recipe and prepare a dish.  They were judged on nutritional value, taste.  One of the guys got yelled at for using 1 TABLESPOON of REAL mayo in the chicken salad!!!  REAL???  They said? Not lite or low fat?  What were you thinking???? 
Maybe he was thinking about how he was going to live his life when he returned to a normal lifestyle.  These people are disappointed if they aren't losing more than 5 or 6 pounds each WEEK even 14 weeks into the training. 
This year I've been much better about NOT eating something unhealthy as I watch the show - LOL!  I always think I'll be heading right off to the gym the next day, I'm so inspired.  And then I don't go. 
Why does it seem I need someone else to make me go? 
Carol and I have a cruise booked for late October.  When we had a year to go, we thought, oh sure we'll lose 50 pounds in a year, won't that be great?  And now we have about 7 months left and still have the same 50 pounds to lose. 
It's always something....a retreat coming up, a trip, an event....always some reason to not start today, or tomorrow.  Why does it seem like going for even one day or two isn't worth the effort, if I can't go for weeks working out almost everyday?  Sure I tell myself that even taking a walk everyday would help.  I've always been someone who does things big or not at all.  Maybe a little extreme?  Maybe I should pursue the application.....