Sunday, February 28, 2010

Found my way in!

Apparently I have become very dependent on clicking the "most visited" button or using my bookmarks on my home computer and could not find my way into my blog to post an entry from my sisters! Until now, finally found a link from an old email - LOL
I have lots more photos of my quilts to share, once I get home. I was right, this laptop does not have a port for my camera stick. But I'll be home tonight and get caught up. Thanks Jo for finding I used the #54 twice. I thought I had corrected it, but must have forgotten to click save.
EXPO was well, I thought a bit of a disappointment. First of all $12 to get in???? The last time I went, I think it was $8. And in previous years, there have been vendors in all three buildings, including the upstairs space in the pavillion. So it was very disappointing to find lecture and classroom space taking up two of those spaces previously hosting vendors. Even the big building had a huge space for free lectures. So obviously the vendors are not coming like they used to. There were a few I even missed!. One being the snap source people as I would always pick up a couple boxes of snaps for my bibs, and sadly they weren't there.
I did have a nice time in the Stoney Creek cross stitch booth and even bought myself the magnifying light that hangs around your neck so that I can work on 28 count again! A bit pricey but will help me to work for sure.
The weather was it's normal drizzly gray, but not the pouring rain we battled last time I went. Best part was spending the day with Miss Jan! We live too far apart to get to really have good heart to hearts over coffee, so we took advantage of this chance to spend the day together. It was also great to see Carol and Pat (who is looking great!!) Jeanne was as shocked as Jan and I when she came out of a class session and there we were sitting at a table looking at the stuff we had previously purchased. So it was lovely to get to visit with her again, it's been almost 18 months since we retreated together. I did "see" a couple of other people, but it was too congested to YELL out their name or try to trudge through to tap them on the shoulder.
We went up to Pacific Fabrics after the EXPO and I was equally disappointed with that store. I guess things aren't always as grand as you remember them being.
Anyway, I had a lovely 3 hour visit with Carter the night before and I am going over to take care of him this afternoon for 5 hours before I head home. It is so pretty outside right now, maybe we will get to go for a walk.
Take care all, I'm excited to get my new photos posted for you!

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Jeanne said...

It was great seeing you and Jan too.