Monday, January 23, 2012


Here is Ethan out enjoying our first snowfall of the winter. This was almost a week ago, and while our roads are now clear, I still have a pure white yard. Except for the debris of tree branches all over as a result of the wind!!

Luckily we did not lose our power. Well, the house didn't lose power. I seemed to have lost mine though.

My week had been scheduled with FUN!
I had planned to go south on Monday evening to watch Kyle's team play, then head further south to spend a few days with Carol. And then to a 4 day retreat with quilting friends. Being away seems to be the only time I really get much done with my quilting projects.
Anyway, because of the weather I ended up house bound, as Lynn needed the truck to be able to get to work. You would have thought, well gosh, a whole week to just sew if I wanted to!! But it doesn't ever seem to work that way. I got into the sewing room, in little spurts, but had to make myself get in there.
I didn't even play in the kitchen. Just rolled myself into a little pity party.

Today, Lynn took his car to work and I have my wheels back. So I am off to the gym!! Going to have a 30 minute cardio session, and do some light lifting. I know that being physical is the best way to get my energy back.

Then after a shower and a bit of time in the sewing room, I'm heading into town to watch a movie. Lynn has his annual meeting tonight, so he will be late, which means dinner on my own. Thai? Sushi?

End the evening with another Republican debate, which really is reality TV.

Happy Monday!

Friday, January 13, 2012

More photos, just wanted to share...

I came across these photos today too. My beautiful clematis and dark iris....I hope they come back even stronger this year!!

Sunset's in Lynden


Life is More Interesting With Cats

Some things I can just never do alone......

He must think I wanted a photo of HIM!!

There might have been some catnip planted in that square....


Looking through some old photos (another thing I LOVE to spend my time doing) and found this classic shot of sister Nancy and I. This was in the fall of 2000. Right after I moved from King county to Whatcom county. Nancy and Carol were booked for an Alaskan cruise out of Vancouver BC. They were planning to spend the night at my house before driving into Canada to board, and somehow I got invited to go along and it all worked out! I got the hide a bed. My first cruise and a super sister time. This was at some port, we were heading out for a whale watching trip. So great to see how much fun we were having!!

This is me with sister Carol (at her skinniest!!! ) when she joined me for a trip to Hawaii!!! Lynn had a conference on the big island and so Carol was able to book her vacation and experience hawaii.
She prefers the Caribbean...

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Well Worth The Wait!!

Some of you may remember my adventure into making moonshine, with my rhubarb last summer. I believe I showed the photos of it when it was strained and ready to rest in the pantry. Well, I poured it into a couple of mason jars and plunked them in the freezer.
Pulled this one out the other night, and I was SO amazed by how yummy this is!! It is like a refreshing wonderful rhubarb granita......
I raked it out of the jar with a fork, plopped it into my glass, grabbed a spoon and enjoyed.

One word of caution if you should embark on this adventure in the not leave the spoon in the glass while you are uploading your photos so you can put them on your blog, and then put the spoon in your mouth...
YIKES!!! Nearly pulled my lip right off....

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The best thing about the past year was the end when I was able to surround myself by all the kids, partners and grands for several hours.

Special guests, my sister Nancy and her husband Terry, who came for a couple of days, and they were able to get a few photos of us all together.

I'm hoping this is the LAST time I have such an ummmm......huge middle myself....more on that later.

Here is a photo of my sister Nancy and her husband Terry. Nancy is 3 years younger than me and the stories I could tell!! For another post....(that ought to keep her checking back!) Neither of her children were available for Christmas so I felt honored to have her and Terry come up to share it with us. Terry has a brother who lives not far from me, so the 2 hour drive enables them to visit both sides of the family.

We were all thrilled to have Eva join us as Todd's "friend". They grew up together down south, and recently reconnected.

She went to school with Kyle and Jeff as well, so they all had a grand time catching up and going through old school photos from their days lost past.

Made my heart sing when the kids went to my closet and pulled out boxes of old photos. Reminded me of the times my siblings and I would request my parents to put on the old home movies.

And now an attempt to get all four of these grands on the couch, looking foward at the same time.

Think it will happen?

Doesn't look like it. Ethan had to get the tongue out and Henry is not at all interested.

Better....notice the bare feet on Carter and Henry? I have to say, the sound of those toddling bare feet on my kitchen floor is just about the best sound ever.

This was as good as I was going to get on this day to having all four at least face front.

I'll take it!!!

I have some photos of the four for the times we've had them all together, need to print them up and make a collage photo for the wall.

Of course, this is on the never ending, always growing lists of things I want, need, should, could do....