Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Do What Matters Now

And on and on we go. My day has been filled today. And near the end of this day, that will be forever a memorable day, I learned a new lesson. That is to
My emotions have had a hay day today, swinging from very deep depair and downright panic, and then rising back to the level of control and normalcy,,,,,reason is sneaking its head into the scene.
I expect to be journalling my way through this upcoming adventure and hope that somewhere down the road, someone will benefit from it all. The just must be a reason. But I will go forward acting on "doing what matters now" because now is really all we have to work with.
And right now, what matters is going to bed as the sleeping pill I took, that will enable me to sleep for at least a few hours is working pretty fast and my typing is feeling very jumpy so I will stop for now, so I can sleep. Have to be up for the grands at 7:15. So I'll post more tomorrow. After some sleep.