Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Preparing to Runaway!

I'm so excited to be preparing to Runaway with some quilting friends next week. I haven't been to a retreat since April, and my stack of things to get quilted surely shows that. I just got another quilt back from Carol, here is a photo.

This was a top I made many years ago. I wanted something that would have "wintery" feel to it, and with my love of blocks and scraps this is what developed.

The border is actually made of nine patch blocks that are cut on the diagonal.

This was a pretty low priority top to get quilted, and now that it is done I really, really like it. I washed it, as I always do, and can you believe that some blue ran!!! I've only had a bleeding problem once before, and thankfully I still had my nice bottle of Synthapol, so I washed it again with that and the bleed off disappeared and left my quilt as you see it.

I am so NOT a prewasher!

Will be posting as I prep for my retreat. Hope you are all well.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

More quilts back

My dear friend Carol, who does my long arm quilting has given me back three quilts in the last week. So more to add to my pile for binding!
It is amazing that I have almost nothing left ready to give her. I've gotten so many quilted this year, it must be time to finish up some more projects. I've only attended one retreat this year and I'm sure that is why stuff isn't done. So I'm so glad to be finally planning another retreat for the first week of November!! Only a handful of us going, but we are heading back to the very first retreat site I attended.
Tomorrow a few of us are taking a road trip to visit an online quilting store. She runs it from a huge barn on her property. A bit of a challenge shopping through bolts that way, but we always find good treasures, and a wonderful time being away together.
Off to bed, early!!

A Change is Gonna Come

Just so you know, I just yesterday opened any of that candy I showed you that I bought when I was excessively blue....
So I VOW that today was the LAST day I am giving to FarmTown.....those of you who know me, know that I have a bit of an addictive personality. It's good though that these things don't last too, too long, and they haven't been damaging. There have been many over the years. Tupperware, gardening, teaching, working with birthing families, parenting, grandparenting, cooking, gardening, reading, eating, quilting, blogging (remember those 100 days in a row????) even a spell of excessive exercise.
FarmTown was the latest and I could continue to do it daily, but I have got to stop. There is just so much more I could be doing, want to be doing, should be doing. So today was the end of obsession. If only I could find a way to balance all the things I like to do rather than being overwhelmed with one thing.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Depression Candy

Do you have a particular type of treat that really calls to you when you are feeling down and out, blue, out of sorts, depressed, tired, lethargic, cranky or just sad? I'm not really much of a sweets lover. Carbs with salt are my drug of choice. But the last few weeks I have felt at least all of those things. Bronchitis is the physical cause I believe but I'm pretty sure there are some emotional virus's running around in me too.

At least this time I didn't wait for my congestion to make it all the way to pneumonia. But I've gone through my antibiotic, prescription cough syrup and way too much Mucinex and still I am coughing. Granted it is not as bad. But now I get to add on a UTI (bladder infection). So now I have another antibiotic to take. No wonder I feel so bad.

So this is what came home from the store with me tonight.
At least they were on sale....