Saturday, July 12, 2014

Wholey Moley

Yes, it has been a very long time since I have been here.  And yes, a lot of life has happened.  So much for making plans for the summer, for the the two oldest grands to fly down and visit and then me to drive them home.  Tickets bought, thrown away.  Two weeks before the big trip, I ruptured my achilles tendon, while getting out of my car at a rest stop on my way home from a great lecture and overnight in Madera, a town close to Fresno.  I followed my instincts the next day, that something was really wrong, and turned out I have a rupture achilles and a break in the bone.  Great.  Prior to that I had confirmed that my diminishing eyesight was due to cataracts and at least got that surgery scheduled for mid August.  Problem being, now I am in a cast and immobile and can't use this great down time to do any real hand work.  Sigh....and to make it even better, I broke a tooth, the only one on the upper right that didn't already have a crown.  Jeez.....I've had few mini meltdowns, and I keep moving forward.  Getting around is tough.  I bought a $200 knee scooter thinking that would be the answer, but it turned out to just crush my knee.  Today, I'm working with the walker, since my new (second) cast angle works better, and I can toe walk a bit on it.  I'm supposed to be no weight bearing.  This is the best I can do.
As I live in my cute little hippie house, I am so thankful I have hardwood floors, so I can scoot around on my computer chair and my sewing chair.
Poor L Jay is trying his best.  And I appreciate the effort.  Enough said,
I'm 'supposed' to get the cast removed and get into a boot on the 23rd, and we would then leave and drive north on the 24th, so that I can attend a family reunion of sorts on the 26th.  If he says I need another cast, I just don't know what I will do......
I had some great plans for Jillian and Ethan for their visit.  We will get to visit with them for a few days if the drive north works out.
It's sad to watch the peaches on my tree in the back yard continue to ripen and I can't go out and pick them.  L Jay gets a few each day, but I had such great plans for them all.  A few friends have come over to pick a few, so that helps.
The hardest part of the whole thing has been taking a shower.  A very private thing.  But I have to do it after wrapping my cast in this bag, and then sit in a chair in the shower and L Jay has to sit there to help me.  The best part is I get him to do a great scrubbing of my back, the worst part is sitting in front of him in my naked big belly self to wash.  Ah love....
My neighbor is not doing well.  She was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in I think 2005 and then after treatment pronounced cured, until it recurred in 2010.  She has been in one treatment or another since then, and done a fair amount of travelling but according to her husband, her numbers are now going the 'wrong way' so it looks like the end is nearer than we had hoped.  She has a vacation planned this month, 20 days to Alaska, with a cruise as part of it.  I hope she can make it and has a glorious time.  She is an amazing woman, who has not "battled with cancer" these last years, but continued to live her life in spite of it.  I hate that I am so immobile and cannot go over and offer her more support.......
Enough for now.  I should try to sleep.