Sunday, February 21, 2010

February 21st - #51

To help with perspective...this is looking straight down at the toilet tank! This last June our small group did these toilet toppers for each other, isn't that a funny project??? My friend Linda, knew my purple bathroom was the perfect place for her hyrdrangea fabric, so she created this for me. It is so sweet and goes in that bathroom just perfectly.
Lynn and I went to a fairly new restaurant last night in Bellingham. Very trendy, the cars in the the lot included a porche and a big green truck was feeling very macho. It was very good, had interesting entrees and a lovely ambiance. Yes, we would definitely go back, maybe with the Buick next time...The restaurant is called the Fork, and yes it is in the fork of the road!
Beautiful sunny day again today. And I will get some of the carpet cleaned! A run into town for a few things. And working on my book. It is Belle Canto by Anne Patchett. I wish I was enjoying it more, but I will make it through. I got the list for the books the club is reading for the next several months, so it is fun finding them and adding them to my stack next to the bed. In my car I am listening to the Help and it is amazing. Wonderful writing, tragic story. I'll listen to the newest J A Jance book on my drive south at the end of the week.
My window garden is sprouting - YEAH! All except the cilantro. And I do see a teensy tiny speck of green in there, so there is hope. Last night I watched an older movie on demand called The Painted Veil, and ended up staying up to 1:45 to see it all. I was surprised by how good it was, compared to what I expected. Then I have to ask myself, if I didn't expect it to be good, why was I going to watch it?

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