Friday, July 13, 2012

Things I Have Learned This Week

1.  Do your errands and running around in the morning or evening, not during the hottest part of the day.

2.  Don't leave anything in the car!!  My iTouch actually told me it was too hot....

3.  Keeping the blinds drawn during the day really does keep the house cooler.

4.  Fresh is Best!!

5.  The whistle from the train twice a day is really comforting.

6.  Those colorful flowers are called oleander.

7.  There are kind and thoughtful people everywhere.  You just have to be open to hearing and seeing them.

8.  I love my Keurig.

9.  Thick TP is really nice, but the roll runs out so fast.

10.  Being 750 miles from "home" can be managed without as much sadness as I was afraid of.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My first post from California!!!  This is my day 3 of 6 checking out my newest hometown area.  Lynn has meetings all week, so the days are my own.
I did go into Napa and passed the written test to get my official CA drivers license.  36 questions and I could miss 6.  I missed 3.  Maybe I should have actually read the book!!  Did you know that in California it is actually illegal to smoke in a car if children are in it?  Even if they are your own children?  This is not something I would ever have a reason to know.
Spent some quality time at the new condo.  Measured all the rooms and took lots of photos, so when I get home I can really figure out what furniture will fit.
Went into the hospital in St Helena today and checked out the Family Birth Place.  OMG.....ancient, tiny and way too slow for me I'm afraid.  They average about 25 births a MONTH!!  The moms have to go to a shower room, as there are none in their own rooms  The hospital did have free valet parking which is especially nice in this 99+ degree heat.  I thought it was interesting that the two cars in the front were a jaguar and a new Mercedes....You'd think they would invest some money in their birthing center!!
So I'll check out the hospital in Napa tomorrow or Friday.  It is called The Queen of the Valley.
My most exciting stop today was at a very high end grocery store called Dean and Deluca.  It is truly a foodie paradise!!  Lots of cool specialty stuff.  I spent just a few dollars there.  Got some ideas.  I know I'll be stopping in there just to stroll fairly often.  I told then that in Bellingham we were so excited when we got a Trader Joes, and I was thrilled that in Napa (just 9 miles from my house) the Trader Joes' actually shares a parking lot with Whole Foods!!  Well, Dean and Deluca is at least a step or more above Whole Foods!!  You can check then out and order from them online too.
I'm getting even more excited and anxious to get the move done.
Sadly, still no calls on our house for sale.  I really am about ready to go ahead and list it for rent as available in September.  Who knows how long it might take to get a renter in there!!
But, I'm not going to worry myself about that until I get back to Lynden.
Sending you all sunshine, if you need it!!