Tuesday, February 23, 2010

February 23rd - #53

Here is another one that is waiting for a binding. These are 1" finished squares, all florals. And a variety of the neutrals that make the stopper border. Not sure on a color for the binding yet. This is an oversized lap quilt. I had no idea that all that thread would add to the weight! Good thing I didn't want to make it king sized, I wouldn't have been able to carry it!!
Today I attended my first book club meeting and it was such fun! Despite my resolve to just sit quietly and observe........the book was Bel Canto by Anne Patchett. Lovely women in the club, good discussion. Now onto the next book on the list. In my car I am coming to the end of The Help. I'm going to miss listening to it. Something about those southern accents is just so soothing. An amazing story, I highly recommend it.
Still working away on my GFG. I keep getting lost in how the rows go! I'm going to attach the flowers I have done, and see where it might go from there.
It has happened...I have discovered eBay....and even won a few things! AND the BIG news, remember my story about losing my past cross stitch treasures, well I found the Vanessa Ann Christmas book on Amazon, used for $1.5o!! Out of print! So it is on the way, hopefully. I'll let you know when it arrives. Now I am madly searching eBay for the magazine that had the sampler in it as well as the Amish Tri piece. I at least remembered it was from Cross Stitch and Country Craft, so that helps. Tonight I'll wrap some more DNC floss bobbins as I watch American Idol.


Teaquilts said...


During quilt retreat this past weekend my guild friends (I may have to rethink their title) told me I was crazy for working with the various 1" squares and HSTs. I'll have to introduce them to you. LOL Then I can go back to being sane.

I'm enjoy your daily quilt show.

Piecefulafternoon said...

Wow - 1" squares - that is impressive. Isn't ebay fun - I adore shopping there and can't wait until I need something to shop again. Right now I'm looking for a hippity hop ball for the boys.

Sheila said...

Darling quilt! I admire anyone who can finish at that size square.

I loved reading The Help; I'll have to think about listening to it on tape--something I'm not usually able to do.