Tuesday, March 9, 2010

March 9th - #66

WOW! I had forgotten about this one! I LOVE this pattern. Very simple and yet so striking. I made this about 8 years ago, then developed it into a mystery quilt for a guild I was in. And then I donated it to be auctioned.

I remember I came across the pattern when cleaning my sewing room a couple of months ago, and I will definitely make another one of these. It was so cool to see the different color schemes people made this in. Their "clue" to fabric was to choose a color and get a light, medium and dark fabric in it. I think I might like to do this in purple next time.

Okay my friends, I need an intervention. I am HOOKED on the eBay thing and finding counted cross stitch patterns! They are often as little as 99 cents so it's not like I'm spending vast amounts of money, but rather that I am accumulating an impossible stack of UFO's. I'm still currently working on this old project at night while watching TV. I've been working on the flower details on the right side for several nights
and I'm going to move over to the water can side and work there for a while.

I made a tactical error though. I thought maybe I'd like to work on it on a wooden frame and ended up cutting about 1 1/2" off of each side. I didn't like that method, went back to the hoop and now that I am approaching the edges, it's not going to have a lot of room. So I'm planning to frame this with fabric and make it a wall hanging and not in a traditional frame.

Got our taxes done....such a cranky job that is. Now if I have our PIN numbers correct this time I can consider that task done.

My goodness it was cold last night! When I checked it was 29 degrees when I went to bed. I hope this cold snap isn't too long, would hate to lose all my little blooming friends!


Piecefulafternoon said...

That looks like a great project - for you to do. I've given up on x-stitch - too time consuming, but I love to see what you are making.

It was cold - we put an extra quilt on the bed. I suppose this is our normal weather, but I want our abnormal weather back.

The quilt is quite striking.

Anonymous said...

I told you eBay was addicting!