Thursday, March 25, 2010

March 25th - #82

This was another baby quilt I made about 9 years ago and gave to one of the Mom's from my childbirth class and Mom/Baby support group that I facilitated. I LOVED this fabric, and remember finding it in a funny fabric shop in California. It was the same day I visited Rosies. I really wish I had bought more of it. I had bought it before Jillian was even a twinkle in her Daddy's eye, and the thought of a grand daughter was nothing I ever entertained, not wanting to be disappointed.

I'm excited to be off to spend several hours with Carter this afternoon while his Mom and Dad go out with friends and watch the UW Huskies compete in the Sweet Sixteen in the NCAA tourney! I might pack him up and take him for a short visit to my parents. And I'll be sure to get some new photos.

Scanning old photos will be one of my missions in the next couple of weeks. I finally got some video DVD's so I can do some creative things with old photos.

Shoulder report is all good! I got so much done around the house today! I did constantly remind myself to be careful, but my energy level was so much higher than it has been in weeks. I am going to attribute it to the steroid shot I had yesterday, and that I wasn't in constant pain all day. It was an amazing lesson about how pain affects your activities of daily living. I am still needing some ibuprofen now, but I sure hope this will be a good fix. I guess they can only do this injection 3 times, so you don't want to use them up too quickly! Worse case scenario is if they have to go in and remove some of the bursa that is so inflamed. But no PT next week. Then a follow up with my doc the week after. See where we are at this point.

OH! I even had some quilting inspiration today! The body of this has been up on my design wall waiting to be quilted and I thought about adding a girlie border and was glad I still have about 4 yards of this cute fairy print. So I put some borders on it! It is spray basted right now, and I'll quilt it when I get home on Sunday. Lynn has to be me the name, date, weight and so forth and I am going to quilt that info into the border I a bright variegated thread. I think she will love it!! The back has a soft flannel with ABC's on it.

I also dug two holes in the front yard to that I could plant two very nice clumps of oriental poppies a friend had brought to share from her yard. Now that I'm feeling so much better, I'm really looking forward to doing some weeding, transplanting, taking cuttings.

Hope the weather stays garden friendly into next week.

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Piecefulafternoon said...

Lucky babies. Have fun with that grandbaby!!