Wednesday, March 24, 2010

March 24th - #81

This was a great group project. Our retreating group had a particular member who always went above and beyond whenever we had any kind of retreat event. She was so thoughtful and yet always pretty quiet, almost seeming shy. But when she saw that someone had a need or even a "want" that she could fulfill, she would do it. So we all thought we would make nine patch black and brights blocks. They were all sent to me, and this is the layout I came up with. Then another one of our members did an amazing quilting job using a metallic multicolored top thread. It was just gorgeous, and she was overwhelmed and very appreciative when we gifted it to her.

I'm heading south tomorrow for the weekend, and I can't load photos from my sisters laptop, so there won't be any quilts to show for Friday and Saturday. But I'll do two tomorrow before I leave town, and two on Sunday when I return. This has been such an amazing exercise. Did anyone believe I'd still be going at #81!!! I'd love to have any of you share my link, and invite your friends to scroll back through my little quilt show!

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Piecefulafternoon said...

Absolutely stunning. And what a generous thing to do for a friend - your group is wonderful.

Have a grand time - I'll be in Anacortes Saturday having a good time too.