Tuesday, March 16, 2010

March 16th - #73

This is the quilt I made for my Dad. The photo was taken when it was still on my design wall about 3 years ago. How funny those blue blocks were up on my wall then too, just as now!
This quilt was done in flannels. The center panel is one piece, I thought very peaceful. So the braided border was the challenge. Especially in flannel. He uses this quilt on the couch everyday and loves it. I've even had to mend the binding already once.

I'm just about done with my bibs, and I had to order some more snaps! I'm trying to use what I have left, but I'm kind of picky about the color of snap I put on each bib. Then just the labels and out they will go.

Looks like tomorrow morning Lynn will take possession of his new car. Just in time to drive to Seattle and Olympia for two days. Oh, and we got good news on the repair in the living room. Looks like they aren't going to need to cut into the wall, that the repair will happen on the roof. That's a big relief.

The therapist today did some new torture techniques that she learned at a continuing education class the past weekend. YOWIE!!! But I think it may have helped. Time will tell.

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