Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Elsewhere in the News....

My weekend down south proved to be quite interesting. First was the Sew EXPO. I think I wrote a bit about this event but I wanted to show you my new "toy"! Isn't it cool??? I have the light on and the magnifying glass over my current cross stitch piece I am working on. It has a strap that goes over your head and where I am holding it, that rests on your chest. Makes a HUGE (figuratively!) difference in being able to see those little holes. Already it has made my hand stitching experience so much nicer. And treats came in the mail today!!!
Here is the long lost book that has the Night Before Christmas patterns in it, that I showed you photos of previously. I had done two in the series and there are 3 more to do. The book went "bye bye" with my other treasures and a nice surprise when I put it into the search box on Amazon and it popped up for $1.50!
Besides this book, I got three bit envelopes filled with old cross stitch magazines, dated back to 1989. I didn't find the two patterns I was looking for, but did find some other treasures, and the pattern for a project I did for my Mom long ago. Tonight I "won" come DMC floss bundles, so will look forward to those arriving to add to my collection.
The other big, though bad, thing that happened has to do with the house. When Krista came over on Friday to water my little sprout garden she discovered the carpeting was wet. She called me right away, and while on the phone she was peeking behind the roll top desk and said it looked pretty bad there too. Luckily Todd came by just then to do some yard work for me, and he pulled up the carpet and found icky stuff, including carpenter ants!!! Here is the carpet as it looks now. The kids pulled the carpet back and ran a dehumidifier over the weekend. The black box line was one side of the base of the roll top desk. Doesn't look ALL that bad, however, here is how it looks underneath

NOT good....I have a contractor coming Wednesday and the insurance adjuster coming on Thursday. We are afraid that it isn't going to be covered and could be a spendy repair. We tracked it to the gutter and found mildew on the brick out there, so it's probably been leaking back there for a long time. Now....it may have solved the mystery my lingering icky cough for the last several weeks. Mold? Guess we'll find out. I have my foot on the carpet pad and the black is the floor...............sigh............
Watched the end of the Bachelor tonight. No surprise, but it's not much fun anymore when www.realitysteve.com gets it right everytime. And there is no one in the new line up of Dancing with the Stars that I care to see, so that will free up my DVR for a couple of hours a week!
Today I started on a 10 week quest to lose 25 pounds. I would really like my cross country flight to be more comfortable, plus it is just time. Overtime actually. I am following Atkins again. It was so successful for my in 2003. My plan tomorrow is to walk to my physical therapy appointment, weather permitting. And to get some physical exercise in everyday. I was perfect on food and water today, but didn't take a walk. So I'll have to make it up this week on another day.
So that's the latest. Lynn is going to Seattle Wednesday for a conference for a few days. That will be my time to get those taxes done....which we will probably need for this floor repair.


Peg said...

Oooh - not a nice welcome home - hope that things do get fixed and quickly. And hope this does answer to your coughing mystery. That would be a good thing out of it all. Love your new toy - have one myself and find it invaluable at times. Right now I'm looking for a lamp with a bendable light attached to give me better light for stitching.

Piecefulafternoon said...

The cross stitch things are wonderful - I like that magnifying glass - might have to get me one.

Hope the insurance covers the damage - that is no fun!!! We discovered a leak in the wall of Don's den (right behind the bathroom) and thought that the pipes must be leaking but our contractor found out the the seal around the tub was bad and it was leaking only during showers. He sealed it up and no problems since. The sellers HAD to know that was going on because when we pulled back the carpet to paint the recent mold stain we discovered that they had recently painted the wall before the house sold to cover the mold - ugh.

MaryT said...

Hello Sharon I'm visiting from CCS:0) I lost a lot of my stitching supplies in the 90's we had water come through the roof and I don't mean a little a lot! DH was doing a repair and it wasn't supposed to rain...HAH!! We had well over $10,000.00 in damages. what charts are you still looking for? Never know might just have it.