Monday, March 15, 2010

March 15th - #72

You are getting a stream of some of my bright baby quilts! I love pinwheels. I love brights. Put them together and voila!
I had this one on the shelf and my Mom asked me if I had a baby quilt she could give to her doctor. She was a very nice woman, a family practitioner who was going to take a leave to start her family. I gave Mom this one and she was thrilled to take it into the clinic the next time she went. She was very disappointed that the doc had already started her leave, so Mom left it with the nurse. And my Mom has been even more disappointed that she has never received any kind of thank you.......she wonders if the doctor even received it? Did someone else take it? Is it tucked on a shelf somewhere? How do find out without seeming kinda odd?

Tomorrow morning the contractor comes to cut into my living room wall, to begin the repair for our pesky leak. We had pretty good rain yesterday, and still no sign of more water.

I'm about two hours from being done with my bibs, so they will go out in the mail tomorrow. WHEW! One task done! I am going to make a couple of sets of extra bibs and sign up on Etsy to see if they might sell there. If they don't I'll use them for gifts.

It was a good day for the mail!!! I'm starting to get some duplicates of some magazines, which is fine, I'll just resell them. Now I'll fill in the holes of some years of some of my favorites. I've found some wonderful patterns in a lot of them. After my bibs are done, I'll put some more skeins of DMC onto their new bobbins and into the case. Then I need to make a list of colors I need. Wallet sized so I can have it if I find thread on sale somewhere.

Two sad notes here today. A dear, sweet friend of mine lost her son this weekend. I have absolutely no concept of the feelings involved in losing a child. She lost a sister a couple of years ago. Carol, you are in my thoughts and in my heart.

Also I just heard that Keith Olbermann's Dad died on Saturday. What a wonderful caring son he has been his whole life, not just while sitting vigil the last six months at his father's bedside. He also lost his Mom just last year.

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Piecefulafternoon said...

I love the bright pinwheels. What fun you are having with the mail - always fun to get stuff - I got three packages today.

Did you know Lynda's quilt shop on Northwest is having a close out