Sunday, March 14, 2010

March 14th - #71

And yet another baby quilt. This is one I made for one of the babies I had in my Mom/Baby support group back in 1999. I think it was called Puss in the Corner, as far as a block pattern name. I thought they were such cute bears!

No, I haven't finished my bibs yet.....yesterday we ended up selling the Buick, and then loading the scooter into the back of the truck and taking it up into Canada, to Vancouver to the scooter repair shop. Turns out the battery still had some "cap" on the vent and it could have blown up!!! We were NOT happy about that. Lynn is going to return the battery to the store he bought it at in Bellingham when we get it back. It was about half an hour border wait each way. We did have lunch at a spot up on Granville Island, so that was nice. But I MUST DO THESE BIBS TODAY!!!

I'm still working away on my current CCS project. I don't have the photo part of the pattern, so it's a bit of a mystery! It was a kit, and some of the threads are looking like I may not have enough of that color, so I may be taking some artisitic license to finish it. Here is a photo of where I am so far.

I think I will post a photo each week to show my progress on this project. It's been so great getting my eBay treasures in the mail. There are so many things I want to do!
Here is a very old small project I finished in 1988

It is supposed to be Christmas, but I like it so much, I leave it up all the time.

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Piecefulafternoon said...

The x-stitch projects are so neat - but I'm still not tempted to start any. :-)