Monday, March 8, 2010

March 8th - #65

Another quilt that went to Auction. This one was actually made intentionally to be auctioned off. It went for $1000 which made all of us very happy!

Scanning these photos is much simpler than I had imagined. Of course it then encourages me to follow my friend JoAnni's lead and start scanning all our old photos onto my hard drive and then backing them up onto flash drives so there really will be accessible for however long that technology is around.

And just for fun, here is an old photo of yours truly! I think I was about 18 months old and my goodness what an outfit!

Costco was a fabulous find for transferring those old slides onto a CD for me, and this photo actually came from an old film. I still have some old slides to go through, which I can do now since another friend of mine shared her slide projector with me!
One of the saddest things I recall finding in an antique shop was an old photo album filled with lots of great photos of someone's family....I'd hate to think that they were lost.

I've been intrigued lately with the Hallmark Smilebox program. Do any of you use it? The more times I come across someone's blog using it, the more I think I might like to give it a try.

And speaking of technology, how many of you still have 8 track tapes hanging around? We have quite a few VHS tapes with movies and it makes me think I ought to buy another player just to keep on hand!


Julie said...

Love the quilt! I live in the dark ages and still record on a VHS recorder so I can watch the VHS movies. Some day I will get satellite and DVR!

Cindy said...

Love that did a great wonder it auctioned well.
You look adorable in that outfit. So fun to have old pics to look at.
No 8 tracks for me...never had them. And I've made hubby get rid of all the old cassettes and vhs. Some "antique" hound can enjoy finding them in a second hand store. :)