Saturday, March 6, 2010

March 6th - #63

A little change in format here. The next few days I am going to share photos of quilts I have made that have now gone to other homes! You will still get a quilt a day, just not a photo of one in my home now!
As I look at this quilt it makes me want to make another one. This quilt was gifted to my friend Connie and her family when they moved to Idaho. I thought the houses were appropriate for their new home! This is another that I created a class with. Was a good beginning quilting class since it covered lots of great techniques. It was fun too because I would put the students blocks up on the design wall and show them how turning blocks one way or another could really show the difference in the final look of the quilt. I think I've had a couple of new CCS friends come over to my blog, so welcome! I did take a photo today of another very old project. This one hangs in my dining room. I just love all the detail.
In my last two homes I had quite an extensive collection of things with strawberries. I was lucky to have found a hanging peg mug rack that held 48 mugs and was so happy when I would find a new one to hang on there. Eventually all the pegs were filled and all the mugs/cups were different. When I moved to this house, that collection had to end as their is no wall space in the eating area, it is all windows. I did keep a very few, very special cups. This one is probably my most precious
Read on if you have tissue nearby....I had only been an OB nurse for a couple of years and still working the night shift. Back in those days, if a woman was wanting to have a "natural" childbirth (I hate that term, but that's another story to come another time) she would be assigned to a special group of birthing rooms away from the normal labor and delivery area. If she changed her mind and wanted an epidural she would have to be transferred over to L & D. Anyway, I was assigned to a woman who wanted a normal birth. She was just a lovely woman, with a great husband who was a commercial pilot. This was their first baby and just to make it a bit stressful for me, her Mother was with her as a support person, and her Mom was a retired labor and delivery nurse who currently lived in Arizona, but had come up to Tacoma for the birth of her only daughter's first baby. Nothing like having an expert watching you work - LOL! The patient (Lisa) was such a joy to work with. I learned that she worked as a sales rep for Hallmark and we chatted about all the great things that Hallmark carried. I must have mentioned my strawberry cup collection, though I don't remember that specifically, but apparently she did! It was a great birth! She worked so hard and had such wonderful support from her Mom and Husband. And she was blessed with a beautiful, perfect baby girl. One of those great nights of work that make you feel like what you do is important and fulfilling. About 6 months later I received a package in the mail. In it was some yummy chocolate and this very cool strawberry mug. And a sweet, sweet note from Lisa telling me how much she appreciated all I did with her and what a wonderful memory her birthing experience was. She was having great fun with her daughter and all was right with the world. I was so touched and within a week I sent her back a nice thank you note letting her know that she was an amazing woman and I would never forget her. A few days after I sent the note, I was at home making lunch and my phone rang. A pleasant female voice said "is this Sharon Templeton?" I confirmed that it was and she was wondering how I knew Lisa. I told this person while feeling a horrible, horrible lump growing my gut. She then said, oh yes she knew who I was as Lisa had talked of me often. And she was sorry to tell me that Lisa had had a major heart attack and died. Her husband was out of town, the baby was in her crib and this had happened in the bathroom. Her friend was coming over that day for lunch and when she knocked she could hear the baby crying and no one was answering her knocking or bell ringing. She found a way in the house and found Lisa in the bathroom. I was just sick, sick, sick. A few weeks later I wrote a letter to the baby telling her about her birth and what an amazing woman her Mom was, and how hard she worked to bring her into the world. I still sometimes wonder how she is. Sigh..............


Piecefulafternoon said...

A lovely quilt - just right for a new home.

I remember you telling the story of that special cup as soon as I saw it. What a nice thing for you to do - to write to the baby - someday she will treasure that letter.

Julie said...

Great quilt Sharon. What a lovely story of caring and sharing. I am very happy you wrote that letter for the baby.

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

I can definitely see why that mug is so special to you. I know it would have been for me too.

I love the fact that you wrote the letter to the baby. I pray that baby is having a wonderful life.