Thursday, March 4, 2010

March 4th - #61

Dutch, the giant orange cat, got the cabinet door opened and tried to hoist his round, long haired body up onto the stack of quilts inside. Didn't work out well for they came tumbling down this table runner unfolded on top. I truly had forgotten about it! This was another one that was made long ago, over 10 years anyway. This must have been the table runner intended for on of the summer months. Novelty prints are used in the center squares as well on the top and bottom. At least this one has a warm and natural batting and not poly - LOL!
Well, the news from the insurance agent was not onto arranging to get it all fixed, and hoping we don't get another big rain storm in the meantime.
I had my last meeting with Heidi the awesome therapist today. She is such a great woman, someone I know would be a good, good friend if we didn't have a professional relationship. She did strongly encourage me to move forward and get the ultrasound/MRI done on my shoulder and get it fixed so I can quit being in pain, and get back to work. Tomorrow I meet with the physical therapist again, with Ethan in tow this time. Will see how it goes and then call Dr Burden to schedule a follow up with her and see where we go.
I'm on day 4 of my 10 week plan, and so far all is good! I've already reached the "no appetite" stage, which is nice! Still need to get two more glasses of water in tonight though. I did pick up some decaf coffee today, and made some sugar-free jello to have for my night time treat!
Lynn will be home tomorrow night, guess I'll have to put this cross stitch mess away in the morning - LOL!

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Piecefulafternoon said...

Just the thing for summer. I don't use tablerunners - or haven't used them - but seeing the ones others make I just might try some.