Thursday, March 18, 2010

March 18th - #75

This was a fun quilt to make. A friend was expecting her first grandchild and asked me to make a quilt for her. I was very surprised to have someone ask me to make something. She said the theme in the nursery was Winnie the Pooh and she gave me the pooh fabric she had left from making some drapes. So I came up with this attic windows quilt and she and her daughter were very happy with it.

It was such a great day! I met a new friend and we just had the best time shopping at the craft fair and then I followed her over to her alpaca farm and got a tour. It was so great!! She has offered to teach me to spin, and see if I like it before investing in all the materials! We found we had so many things in common, it was like we were long lost friends. It's going to be so fun.

I also had a nice conversation with a woman who is well versed in the ways of Etsy! She gave me some wonderful tips and ideas and offered to answer questions I may have as I explore that world.

Tomorrow morning is my ultrasound on my shoulder. In some ways it seemed better today, until I realized I hadn't taken any ibuprofen yet and it was sure aching!! Here's hoping we get an answer to the problem soon.


Piecefulafternoon said...

I'm so glad you and Linda had a grand day - you are both so wonderful! Spinning - now that will be fun - though I am not getting tempted into any more crafts. I don't knit that much so don't need any yarn. But I'll be happy to watch you spin.

Cute quilt too.

Pat said...

I just "found" you from Linda B's blog. She and I have been blogging buddies for awhile but we have never met since I'm on the east coast. I envy that you got to see her alpacas. I just love all the photos she has posted of them. I"m glad you and Linda met and enjoyed each other's company so much! I will sign on to follow your blog now that I found you. (I have a blog, too.) Good luck with your shoulder. I have to tell you, I did a double take at your profile photo as it looks SO much like one I have of myself at a young age!!! LOL

Linda B said...

Hi Sharon. What a crazy day, huh? And you are going to love Pat. She's the best.
See ya soon.