Friday, March 12, 2010

March 12th - #69

I'm so glad I found this photo! This was a first for me in many ways. This was the first quilt I broke down the directions and made into my first mystery quilt project for my small group. It was an interesting and fun project. Everyone's looked so different due to the colors they chose to start with. I will try to get some photos of theirs and post them all in a future post. I'll actually try to do that with all the group projects I've been involved in.

And this was the first quilt that I ever donated for an auction. I was gone on one of my first quilting retreats at the time of the auction so I wasn't there, but my husband said it was a fun little bidding war between two different women and it ended up going for $400!! This is an oversized lap quilt and it was about 9 years ago, so pretty darned good!!

I solved the mystery of the blocks that we caught a peek of on my design wall yesterday. It was one of these Baltimore Album blocks. I did these at a retreat last year, and in four days, this is all I got done! They are a HUGE PITA to make! I will try to get a photo of June's quilt which is done and beautiful and the reason I THOUGHT I wanted to make one. There are still some bias stems to put on these, and I'll finish that part, but then it is going to be a nice wall hanging!

No school today so Jillian and Ethan are both here! It's nice for Ethan to have someone to play with. Actually it's like I'm not even here....but it is sure noisy!
They have created a new game with all those pieces. Funny how the rules of the game change constantly, depending on whose turn it is.....
they are such incredible playmates.

The big news yesterday was that Kyle and Genie had their 18 week ultrasound and found out that baby number 2 (grandchild #4 for me!!!) due in late July is boy #2 for them!!! Hooray! Carter will get a little brother. Everyone on Genie's side was wishing and hoping for a girl, considering her two sisters have 9 boys between them, then with Carter and this baby it will be 11 girls...
maybe next time? LOL!

I sent Genie some flowers today to celebrate. I know how she is feeling, having had 3 boys myself. I would have tried once more for a girl, but Lynn not so if you ask about names.....a girl would have been Maizy....for a long time a boy was going to be Henry. Kyle said he is tired of it already so he has been trying out different names, and I really hope he is joking when he tells me right now it is Hurley.....

YEAH!! It's here! I just went over and got the mail and my most treasured eBay purchased has arrived. This is the pattern that I had, and the project was 90% completed when it disappeared. It took me over two weeks surfing eBay, but I found it! It's from a magazine, Cross Stitch Christmas dated 1992. I did pay $11 for it, but I would have paid twice that. I think this will be the first NEW project I start after I finish up my current one, and finish my Wysocki farm project. I will gather up all the threads and choose the cloth for it, have it in a project box all ready to go. Be sure to click on it to enlarge to see the detail. I am so happy to find it. How many of you do, or have done counted cross stitch?


Piecefulafternoon said...

I've done x-stitch - but I'm just enjoying yours, not really tempted to even start again. Thanks for sharing - and congratulations on getting the pattern you wanted

Jeanne said...

Love your mystery quilt.