Tuesday, March 23, 2010

March 23rd - #80

Another table runner discovered! You can see the fold, showing it has been stored for a bit of time. I also see where a spot of bleach must have hit it on the basket on the left. This one must be about 11 years old.

So I got the feared about cortisone shot in my shoulder today. I must say, the needle was not a problem at all, and they added lidocaine to the mix, so it wasn't stingy but my arm sure ached as it spread through there. I will say I have less pain with movement, but still pain. She said it would take a bit of time to take full effect. Another two weeks off work, and see how it responds.

So no physical therapy the rest of this week or next week.

I need to make a couple of quick girlie bibs for someone who had her baby, and I'm also now working in the hat project with my small group. One of the women has pledged 100 knitted caps for the homeless and we are all pitching in. Feels pretty good to be knitting again. And I'm carrying my project in a bag that I knit and felted a few years ago.
This is on the kids bench, so it's not a GIANT bag - LOL! And that is what I have done on my first hat for the cause.

I spotted this little pink forget me not on the way over to my mailbox today! I love when these come up.
And I also enjoy this perennial that gets a bit wider every year. I can't remember the name of it at the moment. Back closer to the house I see my pink coral bells is budding too YEAH! Also near the mailbox I see this adorable baby bleeding heart.

Spring in the garden is like a present everyday. I think I'll put my garden shoes on and head out for some leisurely weeding.


Pat said...

Nice to enjoy all your signs of spring!

Dena said...

Our property is mostly shaded making it very difficult to grow many plants, but I love when the ones I have planted begin to bloom. Our lilac trees are full of blooms that will be bursting in a couple of weeks and our crocus have already bloomed, along with the daffodils and a few other wildflowers.

Your table runner is perfect for Spring.

Vickie Van Dyken said...

You are just to organized??? Happy Easter. Great Blog