Sunday, January 10, 2010

The whole gang

This is our family shot taken at my brothers house on Saturday night where we celebrated my Mom's 83rd birthday. On the couch from the left is my older brother Steven, who came for the surprise visit from Atlanta, then me, then my sister Nancy. In the back is my Dad on the left, then Kevin, my Mom and my sister Carol.
We had such a good visit. It is so rare that we all get to be together. I had taken our old home movies into Costco and had them put onto DVD and we really enjoyed seeing them again. And then we all sat together and taped a conversation about events we all recalled as kids growing up.
I am going to work really hard to make better use of my video camera from now on. Those moments once gone, are gone. And to see me as a toddler (in some incredibly stylin clothes!!) was so great. I have taken all the slides in and having them transferred as well, and then I am going to make a movie for everyone with music and narration. Those of you who ever watched Mad About You? Sort of like a movie about the Buchmans! I really loved that show.

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Piecefulafternoon said...

How wonderful that you could all get together. We had our whole family here for christmas and had a family portrait done too - we do that each time we are all together - fun to watch the years go by.

I'm really enjoying every one of your quilts - each one is so wonderful.