Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 - New Day, New Year, New Decade

This is a photo of my big orange cat, Dutch. And my first reminder of the New Year about WHY you should always at least pull up the sheets after you get out of a warm bed.....
I am so happy to be done with 2009. I've made more than my share of New Year's resolutions, so I'm not doing it anymore. This year I came up with some "Intentions" instead of resolutions.
And each intention has a plan. Will see how this works out as I work towards living a more fit and healthy life!
Today was such a good time spent with 11 quilting friends. We went to an annual New Year's Day sale at a shop about an hour away. We have been attending this sale for 8 years now on the first day of the year. We added another stop at a non retail shop (woman runs a HUGE online fabric business from her barn) and had fun plowing through stuff there. Then a great lunch at one of our favorite places. A stop at JoAnn's on the way home for a new roll of batting and then home for the night. Now I can get a few more quilts to Carol so she can quilt them on her long arm before she leaves town for her two month visit to warmer climate! I did get the last quilt I had given her today, so another one onto the binding pile!
The weekend will be spent working on cleaning and clearing out my sewing room to make room for the new futon. I'll be moving some book cases into the closet in the guest room, and clearing out the closet in that room. Then into the garage for a good clearing of the cupboards in there.
I am really needing a quilting retreat! I have one scheduled for mid February, just hope I can get enough people signed up to make it a go!!
Hope you all are looking forward to the new opportunities in this new year.


Piecefulafternoon said...

Sounds like a great day - and now onto the plans and intentions for the new year. Hope your year brings you all things that you desire.

Cindy said...

I spent the day counting fabric on the bolt for got to spend the day buying! You'll have to share a pic of what you got next friday for a "Fabric Friday" blog post. :)