Monday, January 4, 2010

January 4th

This is an old and loved favorite quilt of mine. I actually made the center as part of a class taken at The Calico Cat in Auburn, when I still lived down there. The borders and quilting happened after I moved up north to Lynden. I did the quilting on this one myself, and it is the last time I did something more than lap sized. I just don't "love" that part of the process.
Now the Calico Cat is closing. More and more local quilt stores seem to be closing their doors. I think the internet competition makes it harder for all store fronts. But, honestly, if I can buy it cheaper online, that is what I am going to do.
I know, I your LQS.....I do what I can. Last year I bought very little fabric, whether in person OR was a good year of working through my inventory. Kind of shocking that I bought over 30 yards of fabric while out on New Year's Day with my friends!! Anyway, this quilt will now be lovingly folded up and packed away until December when it will come out again and be my favorite one to snuggle under, with it's flannel backing and a grandchild in my lap.

See that little bud in the photo???? I was so excited when I spotted it when watering yesterday I just had to take a photo. Many, many years ago when I had a houseful of plants, and a dozen African Violets I was thrilled when a new bud would appear. This is my first Violet in over 20 years, and I had repotted it a week or so ago, and surprise!! A bud!! I even took a leaf from this plant and I'm trying to make a new plant. Will see if that experiment works! Also, I may have found a nice spot for them to grow, so my Violet collection just might grow again.

The birds are really going through the suet!! Looks like I'm going to need to run out between rain storms and fill them up again. Those and the sunflower seeds are most popular at the moment.

I made good progress in my sewing room last night, and I'm down to the last episode of Season 4 of The Wire. One more season to go, I hate for it to end!

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