Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Quilt A Day!

Let's just see how long this lasts!!! I am going to take a photo of a quilt everyday for as long as I can. When I run out of actual physical quilts (table runner, toppers) I will scan photos of quilts that have gone to good homes already. This ought to serve a couple of purposes. It will give me a good record of my quilts and maybe wear out my camera sooner so that I can rationalize buying a new one!!!
This quilt was actually a gift made for me by a Lynden Guild where I served as president for two years. It is done with Christmas fabrics. They had already gifted me one with black background and batik leaves so I was stunned when this one came to me a year later. I just love it, and appreciate all the lovely women who are part of my quilting family.
I'm still working away on cleaning and clearing out my sewing room. One of the sewing tools that I have a special fondness for are scissors. Especially pretty little scissors.
Some have been gifted to me, and some I haven't been able to resist when they are on sale. I came across a few while cleaning out a drawer and here they are, aren't they cute?????
Some of them have matching Momma Scissors too.
I signed up to a UFO challenge on another blog, where you list 10 projects that need to be finished. The owner of the blog will draw a number each month and that is the project you then finish. I actually have 10 quilts that need binding, so those are my 10 on the list - LOL!
The kids are coming over for a short visit today, and I think I am going to do a short video interview with each of them, and start a library of them. One of my "intentions" this year is to make sure to use my video camera at least once a month!
Dinner tonight is homemade split pea soup, using my ham bone from Christmas - Yummy!!


Dena said...

And I look forward to seeing each quilt, everyday, too.

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to seeing the quilt pictures. You do such nice creative work. I really enjoyed the fabric shopping trip yesterday and lunch too. Suzanne