Wednesday, January 13, 2010

January 13th

At one point I had two dozen different Noah's Ark prints. This was a quick quilt I made about 10 years ago. It is special too because this was the first quilt we wrapped Ethan in after he was born 5 years ago. For those who don't know the story, he was born right here at my house! My Darling Daughter In Law Krista had such a nice easy birth with Jillian 3 years prior to that down at Tacoma General she thought she was a good candidate for a home birth. She saw a lovely midwife in town named Winnie throughout her pregnancy. And on the morning of November 23rd, two weeks before her due date, Krista woke and realized she was having a few contractions. She got in the shower at 6:00 am and called Winnie to tell her she thought her labor had started. They chose to do the birth at my house as it is closer to the hospital if needed and closer to where Winnie lives. Krista got here at 6:30 and I could tell just looking at her that she was well into the labor. Sure enough when I did an internal exam (which I am qualified to do as a long time OB RN) she was already 8 centimeters!!! I called Winnie, who was indeed in route, and told her. Her comment was calm cool and collected "well, we all know that YOU know what to do".....YIKES!!! That was NOT the plan!! Winnie arrived about 20 minutes later and 10 minutes after that, Ethan joined our family. It was glorious! My husband was a little put off by the placenta in the tupperware bowl on the counter though - LOL!
Oh good, I found the photos. This is of Jeff and Ethan just about an hour after birth, and you can see Ethan is wrapped in that quilt. And the next photo you can see Ethan with Krista very soon after the birth.
I've been so blessed to be present at the birth of all 3 of my grandchildren so far. Our next one is due the end of July.
After much trial and error I figured out to get the copy of the ultrasound photo of the expected baby. This is a 10+ week fetus. Amazing......we are all fairly certain this will be a boy. That story will be for another time.
On a serious note, we are all hoping for rapid assistance and aid to the poor, poor people in Haiti.

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Piecefulafternoon said...

That is a precious story - and wonderful photos. I can't believe Ethan and Ben are already 5.