Sunday, January 3, 2010

January 3rd

I love pinwheels. I also love stars. Probably my two favorite quilting block elements. This was a wall hanging I did maybe 5 or 6 years ago. It hangs during the December/January months as it does have a feel of Christmas to me. Also in the photo are a few of my newly divided houseplants. I hope they all make it!

Yesterday would have been my MIL's 93rd birthday. I miss her.

While working in my sewing room yesterday I got lots of quilts, table runners and wall hangings refolded and put into a cabinet in the family room. It's full enough that the cats can't jump up in there and lay on them, so that is good!

I have a matching cabinet to this one in my sewing room. I'll share a photo of it when that room is finished in it's shuffling.

Happy to report another quilting book sold on Amazon. That's four in four days! It does feel good to get some of the clutter out of that room, where hopefully I'll be more productive.

I've had fun cruising other blogs again. Found one that lists a recipe a day for using the crock pot! She shows a photo of the ingredients she used and then a photo of the final product. I'll be sourcing that one frequently I'm sure. Now to find one using the pressure cooker I bought last year! So far I have only used it once for pot roast.

Off for a second cuppa coffee, a quick shower and back to the sewing room project.

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