Tuesday, January 19, 2010

January 19th

Today I am sharing a quilted table runner that was a gift to me a year ago Christmas. Again from my small quilting guild secret sister for that year. Linda loves to play with her embroidery machine and the Angels she made here are just so precious. I even got a close up for you.

Lucky for me I really enjoy the work of my fellow quilters who use their embroidery machines, but I don't want to buy one!! My embroidery will be strictly by hand.
I have a lovely Viking Lily machine. I bought it about 11 years ago, just before we moved up north here to Lynden. One of the annual retreats I attend, there is a woman who comes and for a small fee, will paint pretties on whatever we bring for her. So I have had a sweet pea theme going on my machine. I kind of think of them as tattoos!!! The closest I'll ever get to having one!

I'm amazed at people who have 2 -3 or more machines. I know several people like to have a lighter machine for retreats, but I like taking my one machine. I have seen the difference in block construction of doing one on a different machine. So I'll just stick with my Lily.

Here is my photo of the coming spring!!!
Ethan watched Max and Ruby today and they played hopscotch. He kept checking the weather and as soon as there was a sliver of sunshine he had the chalk in his hand and asked for help to draw the board so he could play. It took him several minutes to find just the right rock.
Too precious.

Today was Lynn's first day on his own at work, doing his blood sugar check and injecting his insulin. Numbers are still higher than we would like, but we are hoping for a turn around in the next few days. We meet with his doctor
again on Thursday and talk more about the plan for better

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Darling angels - darling Ethan.