Monday, January 18, 2010

January 18th

It's 10 minutes to midnight, I'm just in time for my quilt for today. This was another quilt that I taught as a mystery class a couple of years ago. It really is one of my very favorites. If you enlarge the photo you will see that yes, indeed it is scrappy!!!
What a beautiful day it was outside today. I actually even spent just over an hour working out in the flower beds. And as usual, I can never be in the garden alone!

I was pruning some suckers from this tree and looked up! Realized I had some company. Both cats followed me around the yard and Dutch, my big orange cat, always has to roll around in the freshly toiled dirt I created. Rocco would rather run up and down trees and dart out from behind bushes to startle me.
As I was carrying stuff to the compost pile, I spotted another great sign of spring.

Yeah, rhubarb!! This is part of two clumps that a very nice lady sent me through the mail a couple of years ago. We really enjoy picking and eating it as long into the summer as we can.
I made a leaf cutting of my cute little african violet plant and I'm anxious to see if it will take. I'm planning to buy another plant this month.


Dena said...

I was at my MILs in Oak Harbor on Sunday and noticed all of her crocus and daffodil bulbs are popping up. WooHoo! Spring is coming!

Sharon T in Lynden said...

I'm still afraid of a freeze or two though I'm not going to prune my roses yet...