Saturday, January 30, 2010

January 30th

I created this piece for another class that I was teaching at the time. I call it Fractured, Blended, Mended Flowers. It was intended to be a machine quilting class, where people would be quilting on pot holder sized squares. But I thought, lets make it interesting. So we did satin stitch applique around the flowers and then stacked them, whacked them, reassembled them. I added the yellow centers so they would have a nice finish. And then it seemed like it needed something more so I added the button. And while pawing through my inventory, I found this cute fabric with the fairies on it and cut them out and appliqued them on as a final touch. I have since done this same method with hearts and stars. You'll be seeing them along the way, I'm sure. Each of the squares is actually zigzaged together to make the piece so I guess it was kind of a quilt as you as well. Nothing fancy, but colorful and fun. And we all know the FUN is the most important thing to have.
Today while working in my studio I watched National Velvet. Another one of those classic movies that I realized I had never actually seen. I thought it was great!! I loved the setting in England, the houses, clothes, even spotted a nice quilt on one of the beds. In fact the same quilt showed up later to keep The Pie warm through his night of illness. A 25 patch block set with a snowball alternating block, all scrappy of course. I love finding quilts in movies. One of my favorite things about watching Little House on the Prairie is spotting quilts. I thought, there ought to be a book called "The Quilts From Little House"....maybe their is? Hmmm....

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Fibercrafter said...

It's so fun to see a new quilting project from you every day! Well, most of are new to me, and it's fun to see the ones I've seen before too! Thanks for sharing them. Sally