Tuesday, January 12, 2010

January 12th

This is my last winter/holiday like quilt still hanging. It will stay up until the end of the month. I saw this pattern in a quilt shop in Medford Oregon when I had gone to visit my sister while she lived there and loved it! They were actually out of the pattern when I went in, but I took a chance on my way to the airport and stopped in and sure enough they had just come in!! I actually made the quilt right away and after showing it at the local quilt guild, the LQS ordered the pattern and it was very popular. It was cool to think I brought this special pattern to the area - LOL! This is the one that I reduced the size of the blocks and added some free form stars to make the Christmas gift for my small quilting group secret sister. Thanks to Ethan and Spongebob for appearing!!
Isn't this what we really love our quilts to be used for - building forts!!! Ethan and Jillian had this one put together yesterday afternoon. When my boys were little and would build these kinds of things it would drive their Dad crazy.......he just couldn't understand the coolness of creating such a great cubby to share secrets in.

What a treat!!! To see the little signs of spring in my garden. Hyacinths, one of my favorite. One of these days I'm going to get "into" forcing some bulbs for inside the house. My latest edition of Country Gardens has a very cool project planting a dwarf weeping pussy willow in a planter with some early bulbs and I might just attempt it!


Jeanne said...

Love that quilt Sharon. What's the name of the pattern if you don't mind.

Sharon T in Lynden said...

Thanks Jeanne, it is called Trees Up, Lights On.....enjoy! And thanks so much for visiting my blog. I miss retreating with you and seeing all your amazing work. Maybe this year we will get to runaway together.