Sunday, January 24, 2010

January 24th

I call this Through My Garden Window. This was an interesting and fun project. I saw a quilt at a Quilt show and noticed how the blocks were made and came home, pulled out a bunch of florals, cut squares and made the blocks in one night. Then thanks to my design wall, I finally got a layout that I liked. Came out pretty good. A few of my friends liked it enough to make one of their own. One woman, I helped her with her layout and instead of one floral border, we actually carried the floral of the blocks inside, to the outside. It was very cool.

Yesterday I had a lovely mani/pedi and wanted to show off my pretty toes! I always do a french tip finish on my toes, and just a plain clear polish on my hands. For many years I had acrylic nails, and liked many things about them! But it sure did a number on my natural nails, that I have been suffering with ever since. Working at the hospital means no more acrylic nails, but I really need to be more regular at getting them taken care of. It will be harder when I am doing more gardening, since I tend to just go for it and not put on a pair of gloves. Something about feeling the dirt, and the release of the roots of the weeds, that gives me pleasure.
I'm pretty proud of myself that I have stuck with my quilt photo a day intention. I'd love to know if you are following along. Leave me a comment and I'll send you a small gift!!!


Cindy said...

That garden window quilt reminds me of some I saw at Leavenworth last year. I don't remember what pattern the gals said they used. But theirs weren't scrappy....I like how yours is scrappy.

Silverthimble said...

I have been following along. I look each day to see if you have posted. I give you credit for keeping up with all the posts - it is not easy to do!

Peg said...

Yes, been following, and loving seeing all your work. Love the toe nails, too. And I know what you mean about the fingernails after acrylics - not sure it's worth it for a little bit of vanity!!LOL

Piecefulafternoon said...

Nice feet!!! I have been following this thread since you started - and might even try it myself one of these days. I don't have nearly the number of quilts you have - but I think I have enough for a couple weeks - we'll see.

You've done well to stick with this for so long - good job.