Friday, January 15, 2010

January 15th

What a fun project this was! It is called Trail Mix. I had spotted it in a magazine and marked it and then found it again while cruising through some old magazines. We actually made this quilt in my small group as a mystery. Worked perfectly. If I had told all those women that their finished quilt was going to have a million pieces no one would have attempted it. By doling it out in blocks over a few months, it was simple and everyone loved their finished results. It was amazing to look at our finished quilts together. They really reflected what each woman had in their own personal inventory of fabric - sometimes called "stash" - LOL! Somehow if I call it inventory it feels better to me, go figure.

I'm over halfway doing the hand part of attaching a binding on my January UFO challenge. I ought to be able to finish it up tonight while watching TV. Hopefully it will be done and can be my photo for tomorrow, then I'll pack it up and send it off to a Dear Friend who can use a hug.

Aren't those beautiful windchimes? However! It was quite windy last night. And sleeping with my window opened is usually nice hearing them tinkle away out there. This morning was different for some reason. I got out of bed 3 times thinking I was hearing someone ringing my doorbell!! What was that about? As I think about it, maybe because I am anticipating the arrival of my coffee order this morning from Fed Ex!
You can see that I really like "yard art". The wooden ladder hanging on the wall was one that Todd found buried in some blackberry bushes he was clearing out. The tree in front of the ladder is an espaliered apple tree which has 6 different apples that grow on it which is so cool. I do need to get out there and prune that one soon. I remember my Mom having a wonder apple like this at our childhood home.
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Piecefulafternoon said...

That is a really fascinating quilt - and it looks so hard to do. Can you tell us where to find the pattern please?

Love the wind chimes, but we take ours down in the winter - they get beat so hard in these winds that we just put them away except for one that is in the fir tree and is a little protected. Is it raining there? Still pouring here - and the wind - ohhh the wind!

Sharon T in Lynden said...

JoAnni, it was from a magazine. I think I might still have it, I'll check for you. It is called Trail Mix and the designer is Mabeth or Maxine Oxenberger or something like that. Thanks for visiting!!

Cindy said...

I've always loved that quilt!

Silverthimble said...

I love your quilt! You have inspired me to start one from my stash as well!

Peg said...

Love that quilt, not sure I'm up to the challenge, though - just discovered your blog today, and am fascinated, looking forward to following your quilting progress in 2010