Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Surprise Find on my Camera!

 While uploading photos today for my new 365 photo project, I came across some photos that I had indeed taken on Thanksgiving with all the kids and grands were together for dinner at Jeff and Krista's.

Will feature Carter today!!!   This drum set was gifted to Jillian from her uncle Tito (Todd).  She has done a great job teaching herself to play.
From U-Tube!!!  So she puts on her headset now, and plays along with her favorite music.

And Carter showed he has the same chops!!!  Sat right down and started working those skins!

Then Uncle Tito got in and gave him an actual lesson.  And taught Jillian a few new things too.

Their lessons will continue.  I wonder when she starts middle school next year, if they have a band and she can be part of that!

And just to make Geema happy, Carter agreed to model my latest hat!!

Oh and by the way, his adorable glasses are not 'real' but he loves wearing them, and if his Mommy is wearing her's then Carter is wearing his.  Talk about devotion....


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